Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mixclouding Part Two May 2012: Animado, Royce Rolls and Sikh & Destroy, TOTTE

Good evening. Tonight I'm dropping a post with selection of latest mixcloud blends from Animado, TOTTE and well known guys from `It's A Bass Thing` Royce Rolls and Sikh & Destroy. Clouds are giving you all nicest dancefloor beats with a very UK influenced sound supporting your good mood along your day`n`night.

Important note for you my readers and listeners. Keep listening clouds in order I'm giving you to get very best experience from listening as it's quite genre based material. Tip: Use Mixcloud playlist function to save your listening progress.

Hey ho, let's go! Animado starts this cloud night with bassline garage. Switching from 4x4 to 2-steppish patterns and backward but keeping mix around ground stomping wobbles with grimey flavas. Very unique style of selection. I advice you to fav this and listen carefully. Animado brought to you real junglist disco.

Royce Rolls and S&D's regular SubFM `It's A Bass Thing` show. An archive from 26 of April 2012. Two hours long dose of a bass injection to your veins. As usual great blend of nowadays UK sounds, all the best of underground bass oriented dance music.

Latest addition for todays mixcloud playlist is TOTTE who's opening mix series at Future Garage site. Very dancefloor oriented selection with lots of his own productions. Swedish flava of FG music. Also it's good to hear newest Mr. Beeb's tune in the mix, a wonky remix on Usurp's work called `Cut Your Teeth On The T`. Bigging up TOTTE, Whistla, Bryan Beeb and Hollinger Creative who's behind FG site design.

Follow TOTTE's soundcloud page at

I hope you peeps had a good time listening to this selection. Cheers!